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Who is 1Spirit: Biografie

Who is 1Spirit?

1Spirit is everyone and everything

1Spirit is you. Even if you don't know it yet. The term 1Spirit represents source or what some people would call god and we all are a part of this unity.

But if you are on this page to get to know who the team behind this 1Spirit website is: We are a
creative production team. So far we have created...

... a mobile app for you to be able to train your spiritual / psychic abilities in the area of reading the Akashic Records and "Remote Viewing".

... videos about many topics, mainly spiritual topics like meditation, lucid dreaming and quantum physics. 

... music.


Everyone who takes part in our productions in any way is a part of 1Spirit. This can also be you. Yes, you. Everyone who gave us feedback for an improvement, made a beat, sang a verse, made an image or supported us and/or the idea of unity of all living beings in any way is a part of us, is a part of 1Spirit.

If you're having the idea of cooperating with us in any way or becoming a part of us, just feel free to send an e-mail to: Contact "ät" or use our contact form.

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